After visiting Mobiliyum and tasting grilled on charcoal fire İnegöl meatballs that for more than a century make people’s mouths water, you can also discover wonderful places of İnegöl.

Forests of İnegöl

As one of the biggest, splendid and peaceful places of Turkey İnegöl’s forest is a place where you can be alone with nature.

Thermal Springs

Oylat is well known for a thermal tourism and thermal health resorts due to its numerous healing hot springs.

Oylat Valley

It is a place giving a feeling of tranquility due to its green nature, fresh air and numerous streams. Hornbeams, pine and plane trees, oak and linden trees make the flora unique.

Oylat Waterfalls

This waterfall is a natural wonder that has become the symbol of Oylat and is one of the beautiful places you must definitely see.

Oylat Cave

Located in Hilmiye Village this is the third largest cave in the country which is open for tourists and is a popular destination point among everybody who visits Oylat. The cave is a place of interest due to its stalactites, stalagmites and dripstone ponds.

İshak Pasha Complex (İnegöl)

İshak Pasha Mosque is located within İnegöl Bazaar and together with madrasah and tomb constitutes a complex of buildings. It is one of the best examples of XV Century Ottoman Architecture and according to the inscription from the waqf charter established by İshak Pasha in 1486 it also included imaret (public soup kitchen), zawiya (religious school) and inn. However, only mosque, madrasah and tomb stood the test of time.